Electro Surgical Unit 400w Digital

Electro Surgical Unit (Surgical Cautery) from Physio Care is a cutting edge device engineered to redefine precision and versatility in medical procedures. Designed to cater to both mono and bipolar applications, this advanced device empowers healthcare professionals with unmatched control and efficacy in surgical interventions.



Physio Care’s Electro Surgical Unit (Surgical Cautery) is a versatile device that supports both mono and bipolar procedures. In the monopolar procedure, the Electro Surgical Unit utilizes a Patient Plate to complete the return current path. Our Electro Surgical Unit is designed with a two-wire floating output circuit, which is a common feature in modern ES generators. This configuration ensures safe and effective electrical current flow during monopolar procedures.

For bipolar procedures, the Electro Surgical Unit eliminates the need for a patient plate. Instead, specialized forceps are used, with each limb of the forceps electrically insulated from the other. This setup allows for precise and controlled electrical current flow between the forceps’ tips, enabling precise coagulation and cutting in delicate surgical procedures.

Bipolar coagulation techniques are commonly preferred in various surgical specialties, including neurosurgery, gynecology, microsurgery, hand surgery, and vascular surgery. These techniques offer enhanced precision and control, making them well-suited for delicate procedures where tissue damage must be minimized.

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