Electro Surgical Unit 300w

Electro Surgical Unit (Surgical Cautery) from Physio Care is a cutting edge device engineered to redefine precision and versatility in medical procedures. Designed to cater to both mono and bipolar applications, this advanced device empowers healthcare professionals with unmatched control and efficacy in surgical interventions.



Electro Surgical Unit (Surgical Cautery) by Physio Care is a device which skillfully accommodate both mono and bipolar procedures. In monopolar scenarios, the unit integrates a Patient Plate to complete the return current path. Engineered with a contemporary two-wire floating output circuit, this design guarantees the secure and efficient flow of electrical current.

For bipolar procedures, the requirement for a patient plate is supplanted by specialized forceps boasting electrically insulated limbs. This thoughtful setup enables controlled electrical current transmission between the forceps’ insulated tips, affording precise coagulation and cutting precision in intricate surgical maneuvers.

Bipolar coagulation techniques hold prominence across diverse surgical disciplines, encompassing neurosurgery, gynecology, microsurgery, hand surgery, and vascular surgery. Revered for their refined precision and controlled nature, these techniques prove indispensable where meticulous tissue preservation is of paramount importance. Embark on a realm of surgical innovation and exactitude with Physio Care’s Electro Surgical Unit.

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